Dickie Bros. Orchard is always filled with 

fresh fruit, friendly smiles and friends gathering at the farm

to enjoy the tastes of harvest.

What have we been up to?

A lot!

Dickie Brothers Orchard

A Growing Tradition

Circa 1752


The big news is the events center.  Weddings, receptions, parties... oh, my!

We'll have a corn maze at the farm in Roseland this year.

We added a health inspected kitchen at our 151 Farm Market in Afton.  Our PYO area in Afton is growing, but might not be ready for the public until next year.  Just takes a little time.

We removed some older trees from the orchard and planted another 300 dwarf apple trees,  These new plantings will continue our tradition of providing a diverse mixture of pre-picked and pick-your-own fruit here at Dickie Bros. Orchard.

Our store at the farm will have fresh fruit from our orchard as well as some local artists' unique designs and creations...  pottery, paintings and crafts.

We are continuing to bring our products to multiple farmers markets. 

Look for us in Lexington on Wednesdays and in Staunton on Saturdays.

Lexington Farmers Market

Staunton Farmers Market


Black Raspberries - the second week in July.

Blackberries - the 1st week of July with Peaches following in the second week of July.

Nectarines - the 1st week of August and Damson Plums in late August.

Sweet potatoes - late September and Pumpkin picking begins in early October.

Fuji and Pink Lady apple are the last apple varieties to ripen each season.  We have Pick-Your-Own

Fuji apples in Oct and Pick-Your-Own Pink Lady apples the first weekend in November.

All PYO apples are at the orchard in Roseland.   

Remember to follow our Harvest Calendar for apple ripening times.

Fresh apple cider is available each season
mid-September.  Apple butter is available all season.

As always, we continue to maintain a high quality fruit pack and high standards of food safety.

Dickie Bros. Orchard is GAP certified.  Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Certification means we've passed a multitude of tests put forth by the USDA so our customers know we have great growing practices as well as safe handling practices and standards.