The "Apple Cider Express" at Dickie Bros. Orchard. 

We've built a new bar area for our customers to enjoy

our fresh, pressed cider.

Don't miss the fun in the 2018 season, when the apples are ripe and we're gathering around the farm to enjoy the tastes of harvest.

What have we been up to?

We added over 1,000 new dwarf plantings of apples and peaches including GoldRush, Black Twig, HoneyCrisp, SunCrisp, Jonagold, Albemarle Pippin, Gala, John Boy, All Star, Sunhi, Salem,  as well as Barlett Pears.   These new plantings will help provide a diverse mixture of pick-your-own fruit here at Dickie Bros. Orchard.

Our retail store is open with lots of fresh fruit from our orchard as well as some local artists' designs and creations...  pottery, paintings and metal artworks.

We've built the new "Cider Express" Bar area and are continuing to improve our packing shed to maintain a high quality fruit pack as well as having a high standard of food safety.

AND... Dickie Bros. Orchard is GAP certified.  Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Certified means we've passed a multitude of tests put forth by the USDA to show we have not only great growing practices, but safe handling practices and standards as well.

A Growing Tradition

Circa 1750

Dickie Brothers Orchard