Dickie Brothers Orchard has been in our family since England's King George II sold three tracts of land to our Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather
James Dickie in 1752, 1758 and 1760.  Grandpa James was required to begin working the land within 3 years.  Our family has been farming this land ever since...  272 years and 9 generations.   Now, that's sustainability!

We owe our ability to continue farming to our parents, Tom and Emilie Dickie Bruguiere.  Thankfully, Tom and Emilie decided this farm was where they wanted to raise their children.  Emilie inherited about 100 acres when her parents passed away and the farm was divided between Emilie and her three sisters.  Emilie and Tom bought their house from Uncle Herbert Dickie and then began the long process of purchasing hundreds of acres from various family members.  After forty years, they had purchased over 500 acres of the original lands and we are forever grateful for their dedication to our family.

We grow and produce quality products and sell at the lowest price we can in order to help our customers have quality food at a fair price, allowing us to continue to run our farm.

We specialize in growing plums, peaches, pears, and apples. 

We don't just grow a few varieties of apples and peaches... we grow 20 different varieties of apples and 8 varieties of peaches as well as nectarines, blackberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, corn and much more.

We also raise beef cattle and you'll usually see the various colors of Labrador Retrievers running around the orchard.

Alongside Little De Priest Mountain on the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains (near Crabtree Falls), the cool mountain air gives our apples great color and excellent flavor. The view from our orchard is the envy of almost anywhere in the United States, especially when the Fall foliage is in full color and the apples are fresh on the trees.

We invite our customers to "Pick Your Own Apples" at various times throughout season (when apples are ripe) and experience nature's beauty here with our family 
at Dickie Brothers Orchard.

DICKIE BROS. oRCHARD IS one of the oldest SAME family OWNED and operated farms in the u.s.a.

Dickie Brothers Orchard

A Growing Tradition

Circa 1752

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